I will identify target audience for your product

Vwey nice - thank you
Reviewed by zipposrsa 24 days ago
I absolutely love the report I received! It was worth every single penny I spent. I received advice on things I would have never even considered. It is priceless to me! Thank you very much for your hard work!
Reviewed by sweetiebee over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jjdsd42 over 1 year ago
I am going to use this info right away. Thank you.
Reviewed by deadpoolx55 almost 2 years ago
Resilient service!... I recommend this gig.
Reviewed by mboothe40 almost 2 years ago
identify target audience for your product
identify target audience for your product
identify target audience for your product

About This Gig

Know your customer.

I will quickly identify the appropriate target audience for your product.You will send in your value proposition and I’ll identify 1 customer profile who will find your product or service useful.The basic gig involves discovering and stating your audience.It does not include a description of your customer profile.Read extras for getting a detailed description of your customer profile and much more...

  • This information will help you reach the people in your market area who are hungry for products that you have to offer.

  • You will understand if yours is an idea worth pursuing.

  • You will get this important piece of information for just $5 (consultants normally charge $45-$55 for this). 

  • It will quickly help you take your idea to the next level. 

  • Order premium for maximum benefit.My most successful one identifies a premium customer hungry for your product or service - someone who finds high value in buying your product and is willing to pay more than your usual price! 


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