I will beta test your PC, android or ios game

beta test your PC, android or ios game

About This Gig

You have made a new game and need beta tester?

Here I am!

I am not professional game beta tester, but my passion for gaming and over 15 years of playing them make me more than competent tester because I've played them all, from Sega to PS4 games.

So feel free to take me as your beta tester and I will thoroughly play and check your game for bugs and possible improvements / ideas /suggestions and write it all down so you can have all the info from me!

- Basic gig:
  • I will play the game for 1 day for 10$ (5 days gig, I will play it in one day, cannot promise you it will be the very same day, that's why) and give you my report the next day.

If you want me to play it 1 more day, get the extra gig!

  • And if you want me to do a video review, order the extra gig below! I will send you a video response of myself while playing your game, with my comments. 5 minutes is 20$, so if you want 10 minutes of gameplay, it's 20$ etc.