I will teach you python programming online Complete Guide


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Description Beginner(Availability dependent) Intermediate Availability Dependent Advance Teaching
  This package will be for absolute Beginner Include the Complete Basics (1.5 hours of teaching) For Intermediate level( 1.5 hours teaching) Include Concepts and cores For Advance level(1 hours of teaching) Advance Concepts
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Being a Python Specialist,
1) Certified in python from University of Michigan 
2) Certified in python by Coursera,Udemy,Alison,codecadmey,e.d.x and codeschool.
3) Certified Programmer in c++,visual c# by Microsoft
4) Certified Programmer in sql ,java, ruby ,sqllite , Android, Web,R Language
5) Certified Specialist in Executive Data Sciences from John Hopkins.
*** I have 1 year of Teaching experience in programming, i will be teaching V.I.A Skype or any other module you like.
The Teaching of Python and other languages starts from the complete Beginner level as:
1) Beginner Level (5 days (1.5 hours/per day)
2)Intermediate Level (4 days 1.5 hours/per day)
3)Advance Level  (5 days 1 hours/per day) 
4)Expert Level(15 days 1 hour a day (practices)                                      For Learning Complete Python (most of the beginner and the intermediate stuff it takes 15-25 days for a complete Beginner, for intermediate 10-15 days)