I will update Nameserver or fix DNS or change record

update Nameserver or fix DNS or change record
update Nameserver or fix DNS or change record

About This Gig

I will update nameserver or change it for two domains for 1 gig.

Why do you need to update nameserver or need changing DNS settings?

If your domain is registered from another company rather than your hosting company, you need to update it with your current hosting. Similarly if you have changed or going to change the hosting to another company then changes are required. Again if your domain and hosting is from the same company and you want to transfer the domain or hosting keeping another then you need to change it and need to update it. It point the domain to the location where your files are uploaded. Also there is an another option in hosting server to point the domain to a specific directory, where the files are located. By default domains are pointed to the root directory.

What do you need to provide?
Login credentials for the account where your domains are currently registered (not c-panel or hosting)
C-panel/hosting account access may required if it is required to modify DNS records.
The list of new nameservers I need to add there (more preferred) or ask me, I may find the information.

Order Details

1 day delivery unlimited Revisions

Update name server or Fix DNS issue

Update nameserver/ Change DNS Record and pointing domain to hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you take so long time?
    Nameserver changes get reflected instantly but sometimes it takes about 24 hours.