I will do This Epic Book Promo Trailer in Full HD

Superb! I ordered this a few hours ago, have had excellent communication with the seller, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my book trailer!
Reviewed by adstarrling 5 days ago
Great job, friendly service and speedy delivery. Would recommend!
Reviewed by aveboom 11 days ago
Absolutely perfect! Thank you!
Reviewed by adamnwatt 16 days ago
The seller did absolutely freakin awesome job making in the trailer! I would highly recommend this to other authors because this is awesome sauce! Thank you so much!
Reviewed by adamnwatt 16 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by johanna12345678 21 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by receivedominion 22 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by novellasbysharo about 1 month ago
Made an awesome and perfect trailer for us and each wish has been realized. Perfect and at his best. Thank you very much
Reviewed by markrothaupt about 1 month ago
A work delivered in a very short time. Very good communication. This guy knows how to do the job! Highly recommended.
Reviewed by saintcandie about 1 month ago
Best at his Best again. We will use ´em more in the near future. Excellent Work, best communication. We love his work and what he have done
Reviewed by markrothaupt about 1 month ago
Best @ his Best. We love it and wanna work with him again.
Reviewed by markrothaupt about 1 month ago
Holy Moly!!!! this is so professional SO fast and SO cool...
Reviewed by kuwano about 2 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by jansley4 about 1 month ago
Great job !
Reviewed by alrubaiee about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ceceliamecca about 2 months ago
This designer is being part of creating a MASTERPIECE to help people. We will continue to do awesome work in the future
Reviewed by paulesser 2 months ago
i am amazed. his work is incredible.
Reviewed by johnrobertmack 2 months ago
OMG! He hit it out of the park for me... Magnificent job!
Reviewed by lantz1964 3 months ago
do This Epic Book Promo Trailer in Full HD
do This Epic Book Promo Trailer in Full HD
do This Epic Book Promo Trailer in Full HD
adstarrling REV
adamnwatt REV 2
adamnwatt REV
johanna12345678 REV
markrothaupt REV 2
markrothaupt german version
jansley4 REV
alrubaiee REV 2
ceceliamecca REV
johnrobertmack trailer + logo

About This Gig

Please kindly read the description, FAQ and watch the video preview before you order.
Epic book trailer for your book promo, trailer, intro, quotations, etc.

Full HD 1080p
Background music included
5 spot for your sentences
Customizable front cover

Here's what you need to prepare :
  • Your 5 short sentences for the book content (to replace those shining words, bacon ipsum...etc).
  • Your book title to replace "Title Here"

that is all.. ;)

Details about extras :
  • Custom Front Cover : Use your custom cover. Please make sure it is a high-res, "portrait oriented", and at least 1600x2500 resolution, or something around that
  • Custom Title Shines : Extension to "Custom Front Cover" extras. Make your title from your custom cover have the shine effect
  • Add Logo : Add your log0 to the scene
  • Logo Transparency : Extension to "Add Logo" extras. Use this if your logo doesn't have a background transparency

Notes about custom front cover : If your front cover has already a title, the 2 words cover title is no longer required

Thank you.. :)

Order Details

2 days delivery 1 Revision

Epic Book Trailer 1080p

Epic Book Trailer

  • Overlay Text
  • 45 Seconds Running Time
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Background Music

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why "short sentences", why only up to 15 words max?
    if your text exceed the space available, it will force me to reduce the font size, and a long sentence will cause the text in the scene unreadable, since some scene is kind of fast.
  • How "short" the sentence should be? PART 1
    like this : "The buyer can write his answer as free text and upload a file." or something around that. try not having sentence longer than this : "Ask your buyer for the information you need from them to create their orders." the same goes for text 2-5. *more sample on part 2*
  • How "short" the sentence should be? PART 2
    UNLESS your intention was for the viewer just to take a glimpse of what is written, then sentences this long : "Structure your Buyer Instructions as free text, a multiple choice question or file upload." is fine.
  • Can you add pictures to the book pages?
    No, not for now, but i'm still working on that, and this feature will be added later... :)
  • If i order add logo extras, where are you going to put my logo?
    Your choice between : 1. at the front cover - 2. displayed at right bottom corner for the whole video - 3. add 5 sec fade in to logo at ending scene -
  • Can you change the music?
    Yes, but you must provide it.