About This Gig

Hey. I'm ShiftyPOP! One of Fiverr's most creative singer/songwriters. I've had 11+ radio plays (including BBC Radio 1) and I wrote the music/sing on the recent Tiny Tears advert and sing on the Blopens Advert. Examples: soundcloud.com/shiftypop

For $5 I will write you a professional, catchy and toytastic instrumental for social media use, up to 30 seconds and send as .mp3.

  • $100 extra, Using your lyrics, I will compose a professional 30 second jingle for your business, product, etc. 
  • $50 extra, I will write your lyrics for you. Just give me your website URL and facts you would like to be included. (You must purchase extra 1).
  • If you have selected extras 1 & 2, I will extended your jingle to 60 sec for only $100 extra (you get both versions) OR I will create a 2nd jingle and match each extra you have bought for jingle 1 for free!
  • Other extras; mix and mastering, copyright release and the opportunity to own the separate .wav audio stems of your jingle.
  • You must purchase the copyrights extra if your purchasing a jingle for your business. I give unlimited feedback revisions, provide a strong communication throughout the creative process AND you will get amazing value for your money! 

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