About This Gig

I will take a photo of yours (no nudity, no bikini, nothing showing a ton of skin. Be reasonable) and I will convert it to a digital sketch for you at 300 DPI. Limitations - No heavy backgrounds. If the background is too complicated I will simplify it, but it will still look good. ------- DO NOT SUBMIT ANY COPYRIGHTED IMAGES!!!! (AKA - You need to have taken the photo yourself.) DO NOT SUBMIT "PHOTOS OF" COPYRIGHTED IMAGES!!!! (((PLEASE NOTE TO GET A COLOR SKETCH YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE IT AS PART OF THE ORDER!!!))) ----------------------- The Colored sketch refers to the ones that are stylistically colored. The ones where I simply use a colored line(digital colored pencil) to draw the image is just a normal way I do things. ----- All copyrights of converted image converted to photo owner in exchange for permanent display of signature.

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