I will setup an email with your domain

setup an email with your domain
setup an email with your domain

About This Gig

Custom email may seem like a small detail in the larger branding picture, but it’s hugely important. In a single glance, this is what it means to your customers, clients, and/or acquaintances:

  •  Get an email account that is protected against viruses and spam. 
  • Create email an address on your very own domain. You can even create as many email accounts as you like, why not give your entire family or your associates their own personal and permanent email address?
  •  Custom email address = you’ve created a real business 
  •  Your old gmail.com or yahoo.com email address = this is your weekend hobby

So let’s patch up your branding right now and set you on the path to legitimacy.

for one GIG I will setup one mailbox and setup your account. 

If you need help with DNS configuration or anything else please check the extras.

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