I will professionally mix your EDM track

professionally mix your EDM track

About This Gig

I will do a professional mix down of your EDM track in my state-of-the-art studio for just $5, exclusively here on Fiverr.

Just finished a new track? Want to make your sounds meld like the pros? In search of that crisp and clear sound? Do you want to be able to submit to labels with confidence? Look no further.

I have been producing, recording, mixing and mastering electronic music for over 15 years for some of Hollywood's biggest DJs and producers. I have the necessary tools to make your track stand out from the rest. For just $5 you'll be receiving what some labels pay me up to $500 to do.

For $5 I will mix down your track of up to 5 stems.

Have more than 5 stems? No worries, just check out the gig extras below to select the appropriate amount for your track.

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Here are some examples of tracks I've mixed and mastered.


What are you waiting for? Let's get the sound quality you've always wanted. 

For $5 you will receive the mixed down .wav file.