I will boost your success using the Body Code

boost your success using the Body Code

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Description Heart Opener Heart Follower High Performance Heart
  Breakthrough 6 old programs that are the underlying causes of failure and fear of failure. Breakthrough imbalances that fuel your fear of success (20 min) Breakthrough limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, addictive heart energies, & more (four x 20 min )
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About This Gig

Do you experience any of the following:
fear of failure
fear of success
learning disabilities
and more.

Traditional western medicine shines in emergencies and in the operating room, but struggles to help the above issues. Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and Energy Healing are alternative treatments that many people and cultures tap in to.

Here's your chance to release your first layers of imbalances in six areas (over 300 ways). It takes time to get through the layers especially with a lot of past emotional and physical trauma. Be patient with the process and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

For $5, I will release 3 imbalances contributing to the issue(s) you specify.