I will get you started with overseas PCB Fabrication Houses

get you started with overseas PCB Fabrication Houses

About This Gig

See my other Fiverr Gigs for Converting single and dual layer ExpressPCB files into Gerber files for PCB Fabrication.

If you are ready to go with your PCB design Gerber files, then for a Fiverr I will send you a copy of my Overseas PCB Fabrication House White Paper, detailing my experiences with short-run and long-run production houses that I have settled on for my designs.

The document is updated periodically whenever I purchase overseas boards and includes tips on successful first-time purchases overseas, prices at the time of printing, and contact information for the folks that I use a lot.

If you like, included in this Gig, I will be happy to refer you to one of my Vendors in the East or Asia. (I don't get any kickback from this referral, just happy to help others.)

If you are happy with the way I helped you get your ExpressPCB design converted into Gerber files, or if you are interested in a personal introduction to the owner of the overseas PCB Fabrication house I use, then gig me here, and tell me what you want.

...And Thank You!