I will write Your Story In a Song

write Your Story In a Song

About This Gig

Something I've found that I'm best at is writing something meaningful, especially for someone else. I enjoy making others feel good, and I do this best through song. I've found that I have a good ear, and such a way with conveying emotions (whether they be mine or someone else's) through music. 

So, if you need a pick-me-up, and you want someone to know your story, an experience you'd had, or even if there's someone you care about that is going through a tough time, and you don't feel that you have the words to console them with, I can help with that. 

I think, on one level or another, everyone wants to be understood, and everyone wants to be heard. Well, I want to listen, and turn pain or confusion into something tangible, something you can look at or listen to. It will be external that way, in a healthy way, instead of only throbbing inside of you. I would Love to help with that. 


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