I will professionally edit and master your podcast or audio file

professionally edit and master your podcast or audio file

About This Gig


I will be happy to help you edit your podcast or any other audio file (audiobook, radio show, presentation, lecture etc) on professional level.

For $5 I will edit ONE up to 30 min audio file with the same quality throughout the whole file:

  • add intro/outro provided by you.
  • cut/splice according to your time points (up to 5 parts).
  • normalize volume levels.
  • reduce hiss/hum.
  • deliver mp3 format.

For Extra Gigs I will:

  • make complicated noise reduction.
  • improve voice sound and master audio (make compression, equalization, leveling, multiband limiting, frequent/phase correction, de-reverb, filtering etc).
  • balance levels between 2+ voices in dialogue. 
  • mix voice with the background music, mix parts/tracks, add sound effects.
  • make detailed editing with listening throughout the file (cutting out umm's, uh's, "you know", repeats, mistakes, stutters, lip smacking, mouth sounds, breathes, long pauses etc).
  • remove unwanted background sounds on top of your voice/music with the best possible result.
  • make mastering for ACX, iTunes.
  • do any other audio work you may need.

Please, contact me to get a free consultation, free sample of the result you get, and the final quote before you order a gig!



Order Details

Basic editing

Editing of one audio file with the same quality throughout the whole file

  • Up to 30 Minutes
1 day delivery 1 Revision