I will give you my super secret simple bread recipe for $5

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give you my super secret simple bread recipe
give you my super secret simple bread recipe

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Ever wanted to make the perfect loaf of bread? Of course you have. Everyone loves a fresh loaf but many people have difficulty obtaining that restaurant style 'artisan' bread. Whilst this is a recipe really it focuses more on technique which is far more important than ingredients when baking bread. 

I will send you a surprisingly simple recipe that I have been tweaking for over 5 years, that includes many hours of experimenting, many forum discussions, many face-to-face discussions with chefs and bakers I have met over the years. All of this knowledge I have written up into a very easy to follow recipe with each step explained and some hints and tips for variety and more advanced methods to make your loaf more unique. I will also provide any support I can via email.

This really is a wonderful recipe, I love it, my friends love it, it has awarded me many brownie points over the years, and it is super simple and very tasty. It just takes a bit of time, after all, bread is a waiting game.