I will speed up wordpress website

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This guy is probably the best on fiverr for wordpress/server optimization!
Reviewed by kaince over 1 year ago
I have purchased in excess of 150 gigs on Fiver , this for me has been my best experience. The work delivered was exceptional the real world result cost a pittance relative to what an agency would have charged. I commend Asep for this effort and highly recommend his gig .THANK YOU
Reviewed by ebenezergood almost 2 years ago
Asep has delivered great results, yet again. Our web page load times have shifted from grade F to A. No doubt in the coming weeks our search engine results will reflect his great work. Thanks mate, always a pleasure to do businesss with you.
Reviewed by wsiwebshop over 2 years ago
Absolutely excellent work! This seller always works above and beyond what is necessary and provides brilliant results! I intend to continue using this seller's services - Highly recommended!
Reviewed by ecubation almost 3 years ago
Great job Spypark!! Thanks so much!
Reviewed by meg2012 almost 3 years ago
It's great. My site's load time improve a lot. Thanks, I may try your extra gig later.
Reviewed by paddleo about 4 years ago
Excellent job once again, thanks.
Reviewed by austinsteven about 4 years ago
Excellent work. Will hire again.
Reviewed by austinsteven about 4 years ago
Excellent gig. Very smart, professional, and efficient. I recommend this gig to all. Don't miss out on this one. Order the gig extra's, it's worth it.
Reviewed by austinsteven about 4 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by easystsocial almost 4 years ago
Solve my problem in no time!
Reviewed by muybio over 4 years ago
Amazingly quick. Can't wait to use again.
Reviewed by gtlenz over 4 years ago
speed up wordpress website

About This Gig

Don't worry with days on average on the top. Just optimize large site recently, the site is very very slow and took a lot of time to optimize it. I don't care with the work time, the important thing is make you get best result and happy.

Why Decreasing Page Load Time Can Drastically Increase Conversions?

Fast Website = Better User Experience = Better Rankings = Improved Traffic = Better Conversions = More Sales

Google & Yahoo concern with this, bring it to their lab and create standard called PageSpeed and YSlow.

I will increase PageSpeed and YSlow score and optimize loading time by:

✓ Backup your site

✓ Identify plugin that slowing you down

✓ Setup best config for your html, css & js (combine, minify and position)

✓ Minimize http request

✓ Optimizing Images to Lossless Quality

✓ Update your theme code if needed to speed up your site

✓ Enabling gZip Compression

✓ Caching Your Pages To Serve Static Content

✓ Optimizing your homepage to load quickly

✓ Optimizing your WordPress database

✓ Control the amount of post revisions stored

✓ Utilizing browser caching

This will not affect any site features or functions. It will be done professionally.