I will three Things that Can Increase Your Car Insurance Premium

three Things that Can Increase Your Car Insurance Premium

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There are many factors that can cause a person to pay more for their car insurance quotes.  While most of these things happen when you sign up for your policy, there are other changes that can cost you mid-policy as well.


Car  premiums are set due to a number of factors, including age, location, credit history, and many others.  Here are three situations that could cause an increase in insurance premium that  should be aware of:

·         Changing your vehicle – many people think that once they have a policy, the price is more or less set unless there is a dramatic change.  However, if you get a new car, your premium could go up (or down). Its best to check this change before purchasing your vehicle if this is something that worries you.

·         Changing coverage – if you adjust the amount or types of coverage you carry, you will see a difference in your car insurance premium. 

·         Driving history – when you get  car insurance quote, what you see is likely what you will pay.  However, most car insurance companies verify this information, and if they find any differences, you could see an increase in your premium within the first 45 to 60 days of your policy.

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