I will professionally master your song

professionally master your song
professionally master your song

About This Gig

Mastering is the process by with a record, which has already been properly mixed, is given a final polish before it is release to radio and other media. This process usually involves adding EQ and harmonic exciters to "sweeten" the tonality of the track and a limiter/normalizer/expander and perhaps even some sort of tape or tube effect.

If you are an independent artist and you need a low cost solution to have your song processed in this manner so that it can compete in terms of sound quality and overall loudness with the hits on the radio and on Youtube, then this is the gig for you! I will master your mp3 format song and give it that professional finish for $5.

I have added a few extras below including a rush delivery, delivery of a full 24 bit WAV file and an optional vocal mix for demo or mixtape-styled songs (songs recorded over a two-track, stereo mp3 or WAV file). PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PURCHASING THE EXTRAS!