I will write you a poem about ANYTHING

write you a poem about ANYTHING
write you a poem about ANYTHING

About This Gig

Hello! I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from the FSU College of English, and I'll write you a poem! I can write about any subject and, for the sake of time, the word limit will be around 1,000, give or take--you tell me how long you want it! Want a love poem for a romantic interest? A poem of gratitude for Mom or Dad? Something you can memorize and quote to your pet? An inspirational (or rebellious, or artsy, or sad, or shiny) message for the wall of your restaurant, workplace, home, etc...? Or even just a poem about your life, something you're interested in? Satisfaction guaranteed... if you don't like it, you don't have to pay me for it! Also, so you know my story, I am currently backpacking through Europe for a year, trying to earn a little bit of transportation money... Your Fiverr will go to a good cause!

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