I will shop for you in India

shop for you in India
shop for you in India
shop for you in India

About This Gig

There are lots of unique things about India which are only available in India or Costly in rest of World. You can find many interesting things in Traditional hand-crafted art items like (Jewellery, Cloths and any other Artworks).

Every years millions of foreigners visit India as Tourist and Purchase this Antique and Unique items from here.

I will shop for you any item you want and send as a gift to you.

Process is like that:
1) You need to give me order on Fiverr.com and details about Item you need to purchase

2) I will do research and send final cost of Purchase and Shipments

3) I will send P-A-Y-P-A-L invoice to you for Purchase and buy item for you and Send it to you via FedEx

Please contact me if You want to know more. You can message me on Fiverr

Notes: I will add My charge $50 (minimum) for each order for my research and sending time   

Thank you