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Reviewed by fmahone over 3 years ago
It took more time but I like the quality.
Reviewed by slbusiness over 3 years ago
Great Job! Thank You
Reviewed by jockinc over 3 years ago
FABULOUS!!!!!! Great job!
Reviewed by raventryon over 3 years ago
Simply the best service provider on Fiverr.
Reviewed by sharkdog over 3 years ago
This contractor is uber talented. She more than exceeded my expectations and I'd like to work with her in the future. Thank you so much!
Reviewed by wnicole over 3 years ago
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Reviewed by stylechi over 3 years ago
Absolutely Fabulous. Best Gig on Fiverr!! Thank You!!!
Reviewed by chelseascouture over 3 years ago
Thank you so much. I love it! You know I am addicted to you now :)
Reviewed by jules7 over 3 years ago
Very creative. Happy with the end product.
Reviewed by ralaine over 3 years ago
Good JOb
Reviewed by nichedirectory over 3 years ago
advertise your online store on Polyvore

About This Gig

One of the most popular websites now for advertise your online store website which sells clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry is - polyvore. I will make 3 polyvore sets by using items from your website. For check out my sets you are welcome to find linseygreen user in polyvore.