I will solve your website JavaScript issues for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
solve your website JavaScript issues
solve your website JavaScript issues

About This Gig

Are you experiencing some wired JavaScript issues?
Are you looking for JavaScript Pro?

I am here to help you with :

 ✓ Fixing JavaScript errors
 ✓ Multi library conflict issues.
 ✓ Multi platform JavaScript issues.
 ✓ Cross-browser compatibility.
 ✓ Video/audio JavaScript API issues.
 ✓ Canvas/SVG JavaScript API issues.
 ✓ Fixing Animation issues with JavaScript.
 ✓ JavaScript Consultation.
 ✓ jQuery, jQueryUI, jQuery Mobile & all jQuery plugin support.
 ✓ Angular JS support.
 ✓ And development, fix & customization with all thing JavaScript.

JavaScript is now essential part of web development and also easy to achieve variety of functionality using various libraries available in the market.

Sometimes using those libraries causes critical issues and its hard to figure out even the cause. You will need a Pro with good experience to handle such tasks.

I am keen to solve any type of JavaScript issues. I would love to solve some for you. Feel free to discuss your JavaScript issues with me. I will glade to assist you in right direction.

Please kindly consider, 1-gig / small-task. 
For multiple task or big project,  you should always contact me. I will try to offer you best custom deal.