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teach you Five Animals Qigong
teach you Five Animals Qigong

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Five Animals Qigong – Wu Qin Xi

A complete medical Qigong system

Five Animals Qigong is the oldest known dynamic Qigong system created by Hua Tou (110-207 BC). Hua Tou is known as the Father of Chinese medicine. His work is still used to this day.

The five animals are the fearsome and untamed Tiger, the graceful Deer, the heavy and clumsy Bear, the agile Monkey and the flying Crane. These Qigong are based on each of these five animals. One must not only imitate the movements of the animals, but also their attitude and behaviour. This complete system develops grace, agility, strength and balance. The exercises enhance the circulation of Qi.

I will send you my E-Book Five Animals Qigong.