I will edit audio, podcast, voice over, audio book with Pro Tools

Over-delivered. Highly recommend him for any audio-engineering task.
Reviewed by octopia 11 months ago
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Excellent to work with. Always willing to exceed expectations.
Reviewed by twospeed over 1 year ago
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edit audio, podcast, voice over, audio book with Pro Tools

About This Gig

HURRY!!! 5 minutes of audio editing for ONLY $5!

Please gimme a knock before ordering my Gig!

   Service offered:


  • Songs Mixing
  • Songs Mastering
  • Voice Over
  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Restoration
  • Podcast Editing
  • Voice-over Editing
  • Audio Book Editing

For podcast, I'll...

  • Remove frozen spaces/dead air 
  • Remove umms
  • Remove breaths

For mixing audio songs or when there are many audio tracks to mix then this Gig covers only two tracks. One is the voice track and the other one is the music track. And also the track duration covers only 20 seconds. For longer duration and many tracks mixing please message me first.

Note that, field recording or distorted audio is very hard(sometime impossible!) to restore or clean up. So those audio can't always be 100% clean but I still can work with those to make sound good.  

For longer podcast files
pricing is as follows:

  • 6 minutes = 2 gigs
  • 11 minutes = 3 gigs
  • 21 minutes = 5 gigs
  • 31 minutes = 7 gigs and the trend continues...

And if you want me to be your VOICE OVER artist then please send me a message first before ordering anyting and I can provide you with a custom offer for the voice over task. 

Please check the gig extras!