I will install or fix an SSL certificate

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install or fix an SSL certificate

About This Gig

What I can do for you: 

  • Install an issued SSL, or I can also help with the issuing/reissuing process.  

  • Troubleshoot SSL browser warnings for old SHA-1 algorithm, insecure links on the site, "incomplete CA chain", etc.

Why you need an SSL: 

  • An SSL encrypts the info that users submit on a site to protect it from being read by unauthorized parties. HTTPS:// and a padlock in the web address indicate that the site has an SSL.  

  • An SSL will make your website more trustworthy to customers as they will be sure that the info they submit will be secure (card numbers, login details)  

  • Google officially ranks SSL-secured sites higher  

What information I will need: 

  • Login details for the hosting account and the SSL files 

  • Login details for the SSL vendor site if the SSL has not been issued yet

  • For insecure link warnings – login details for the site admin area

Gig Extras you may need:

  • Troubleshoot an SSL – not required, but installing an SSL AND fixing links takes more time/efforts, so if you need both, it will be appreciated

  • SSL backup – I can keep the SSL files for six months or more in case that you lose them

No Amazon/AWS!

For anything not covered above before or after you order, please contact me.