I will help you to define your purpose in life

help you to define your purpose in life

About This Gig

Avoiding stress of finding the future by understanding your destiny through the Mayan Cross you will be able to have a more simple, humble life. Which in terms of our modern world will help you to deal with the daily stress and your worries of who you are and what you are here for.

You will have the help of the spirits of your own community,  your own background, your own world tribe. These are your nawales as it is called by the Maya people. You will have a number of them that will be defined by your Mayan Cross.  It is based on the sacred Mayan calendar, the t'zolkin, and its components have a powerful influence on your life that you have been unaware of. Until now.

You will find that as you follow the advice that the nawales have for you,  your true nature will be revealed and enhanced. You will understand yourself and your life purpose.

Learn the basic order of your position in the universe from a qualified Guatemalan Mayan K'iche Ajq'ij, who has been featured in the national newspaper in Guatemala.

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