I will install minecraft on your new linux vps

install minecraft on your new linux vps

About This Gig

Welcome to Minecraft and the world of Linux!

You've probably purchased (or are considering purchasing) a Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) because it's a cheap and more resource-lite alternative to a Windows host.

You've made the right choice ...

Linux is capable of running your Minecraft server, because Linux supports Java. Java is the platform all Minecraft servers run on. They are also (arguably) more efficient at doing so because there are far less background processes than Windows-based hosts. They're also (as mentioned above).. cheaper.

Here's what we'll do

You'll ultimately be saving money in the long run since Linux servers are FAR cheaper then Windows servers (Linux doesn't need those hefty licenses). It's also more efficient. It's the right choice for hosting. We will take your blank server (preferably running Ubuntu or Debian for fastest setup) and we'll:

  • Install the latest version of Java available for your distro
  • Download and set up the latest version of Minecraft or Bukkit
  • Create some basic startup scripts so you don't have to fiddle with Java arguments


If we can't get Minecraft working on your VPS, we'll refund the entire purchase!


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2 days delivery