I will edit your karaoke or original song

edit your karaoke or original song

About This Gig

Need the audio of a karaoke or original song shortened for
- a recital or competition where time is limited or song must be under a certain length
- a performance where you only want to sing part of the song
- radio where you want a shorter version
- TV use where you want to keep just the instrumental parts of a track
- a performance where you want part of one song to fade into part of another song
- or any other audio editing needs?

Need a piece taken out, a fade out at a certain point, to have it mix from the vocal version to karaoke, or anything other song audio editing need?

I can take care of it for you and make sure your track is the needed length for your requirements.

One gig covers 2 edits/fades, for additional edits purchase extras.