I will play ukulele on your song

play ukulele on your song
play ukulele on your song

About This Gig

Want that front-porch, old-timey, folky or Hawaiian sound for your tune? Ukulele is all the rage these days as heard on tunes like The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, Train’s 2009 song “Hey, Soul Sister", Noah and the Whale, Beirut, Eddie Vedder etc... 

... the ukulele offers a folksy, hands-on kind of musical humility that’s hard to find in an age in thrall to“American Idol” and Guitar Hero." - NY Times

For 1 gig I'll play a verse and a chorus. Add a second gig if there is a middle 8/bridge part that is different. If you've recorded to a click track then you can copy and paste at will. If you haven't played to a click and need me to play to the whole song, basically count one gig per verse/chorus pair and an extra gig if there's a bridge or middle 8 or other part that is somewhat different.