I will professionally edit and master your song or track

professionally edit and master your song or track

About This Gig

I am a professional musician and audio engineer. I have recorded, mixed and mastered hundreds of tracks in every style from female teen pop to hard rock to folk to rockabilly.

Editing would generally include removing any silence from the beginning and end, fading at the end if necessary, sometimes adding silence at the end of the track depending on how abruptly you want the next track to start. 

Your professional master can include:
- equalization to ensure the mix translates well
- reverb if needed to add space
- harmonic exciter to add commercial sheen
- multi-band compression for punch, de-essing of vocals, etc.
- stereo widener to add space and width
- maximizer to ensure volume competes with tracks of similar style
- tape emulation for fatness or more retro sound

If you have a track you like the sound of, by all means let me know and I'll use it as a guideline, otherwise I'll use my experience and ear to give you a polished, professional final product

I'll provide 96k WAV, 44.1k WAV and 320k MP3 so you've got all the formats you need for high-quality distribution on sites such as Bandcamp, CD burning, and MP3 distribution. Other formats available on request.