I will install CPVLab on your shared hosting account or VPS

install CPVLab on your shared hosting account or VPS

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Description Basic CPVLab CPVLab with SSL CPVLab with SSL and Security
  CPVLab installation Basic + SSL (https) installation. SSL certificate included Standard + FREE sub-domain for CPVLab and advanced VPS security setup
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About This Gig

With this GIG, I'll install CPVLab on your Shared hosting account or VPS. Please note that you must provide me with CPVLab setup files since it's a paid software. This gig does not include CPVLab licence. If you need an older version, You'll have to provide me installation files of specific version.

If you're on Shared hosting such as GoDaddy or HostGator, buying this GIG alone will be enough. But if you're on a VPS, you need to add extra called 'Vps Setup' which will cost you extra $15 regardless of the package you choose.

**Free SSL Certificate included with Standard & Premium packages**

Notes about VPS Setup Extra

Please note that I'll need Ubuntu 14.04 x64bit as VPS operating system. You'll need to add 'VPS Setup' extra to your order if you're using a VPS for CPVLab. I'll install following packages on your VPS,

  • Virtualmin Control Panel v5.05 GPL
  • php-cli
  • Nginx  v1.10.1 webserver (9x faster than Apache)
  • MySQL 5.7
  • PHP 5.6
  • Memcache
  • Free SSL certificate - Standard and Premium Only
  • Advanced VPS Security - Premium Only

You'll be able to use all features of CPVLab without any limitations. CPVLab tracker will be SUPERFAST with my VPS configuration.

Feel free contact me and read the FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which version of CPVLab are you installing?
    The version you provide. It is a paid software and you should provide me with files to install.
  • I have CPVLab files I downloaded from some other site. Can you install it?
    Yes, but you take full responsibility for files you provide. If installation fails due to files you provide, you're not eligible for refunds. I'm spending my time to setup the server and install CPVLab and I should get paid for that. The best option is to provide me files that you purchased.
  • I don't have a VPS, where can I get one?
    You can get one from my recommended providers here, https://tjosm.com/2309/best-ssd-unmanaged-vps-providers-discounts/
  • Do you provide help setting up campaigns?
    Yes, But you'll have to add an extra for support. But this gig comes with free training videos.
  • Can we work outside Fiverr?
    No, I don't work outside Fiverr.
  • Do you provide hosting for CPVLab?
    Yes, I can provide CPVLab optimized hosting for $8 per month. Send me a message for more information
  • Do I have to buy a SSL certificate?
    No, a SSL certificate for your CPVLab domain or sub domain is included in Standard and Premium packages.
  • What is the sub domain included in Premium package?
    CPVLab needs a domain or sub domain, if you don't have a one, I'll setup CPVLab on a sub domain for you, so you don't have to invest on a domain name.
  • What is advanced security offered in Premium package?
    I'll harden security of your VPS with Universal Firewall and Fail2Ban. Additionally I'll change all default access ports on server to random ones. Basically make your VPS unhackable.
  • Can I host other website on the same VPS?
    Yes, you can. You'll receive video howto explaining it. Also hire me to do it for you for a $5. Send me a message if you want to hire me.