I will create a promotional video featuring twins

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Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by inkogni about 1 hour ago
I absolutely love the Ad Twins video they made for me and will be using them again for more gigs very soon.
Reviewed by fit2fight 2 days ago
I'm a repeat customer. Very professional, always on time with surpassed expectations
Reviewed by hoppyrog 3 days ago
That was perfect. You made my week! Thank you both.
Reviewed by pakmule 4 days ago
These two professionals are the best deal on Fiverr. They are quick, professional, serious, and extremely talented. They know how to emphasize the script perfectly. They are my two new employees!! lol.
Reviewed by DHall 2 days ago
Great work!
Reviewed by alexhill467 6 days ago
Amazing service!
Reviewed by hendrikjoosten 6 days ago
what u eat girls? you both are awesome :) nice
Reviewed by mywebby 1 day ago
Thank you again!
Reviewed by barrydiamond 5 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by aaronxii 4 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by aaronxii 4 days ago
These ladies are the real deal. I am so impressed with their ability to follow directions and to hit all the right tones and their video editing is top notch. You really cannot go wrong with these two beautiful woman representing your company. Thank you and I will be ordering again.
Reviewed by jjorgen 7 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by noboundary 7 days ago
Excellent as always!! Great job, will definitely keep coming back for more!
Reviewed by fc0romero 1 day ago
Absolutely PERFECT!... Simply could not ask for a more professional and well done finished product! ... These girls are the best spokespersons we could ask for... Would give them 10 stars if we could....
Reviewed by bobbyjgallo 8 days ago
Awesome professionals! Delivered as I wanted. Only slight minus was that they are so busy... and that's because they are soooo great! Thank you very much!
Reviewed by atte66 10 days ago
Exactly what I wanted! A+++ Professional!
Reviewed by roceloabrea 9 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bigman327 10 days ago
Great work!
Reviewed by aaronxii 11 days ago
Thanks. You made my boring copy fun.
Reviewed by tpdesigns 10 days ago
create a promotional video featuring twins
create a promotional video featuring twins
create a promotional video featuring twins
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About This Gig

The appearance of TWINS is eye-catching & fascinating! Advertise your website, product or music with The Ad Twins Team!

*Top rated seller! 100% rating, more than 9,000 orders world wide!*

Basic Video: White background, waist up, distance-changing cuts. Text and effects cost extra!

WE OFFER A NEW SCRIPT-WRITING GIG! : https://www.fiverr.com/s2/d85f932769 
Please receive your script BEFORE ordering here! 


$10 Logo: Logo in bottom corner
$10 Text overlay: URL or phone number/non-clickable!
$25 Animated Text: Key words and phrases animated throughout video.
$30 Graphic Animations: Generic animations added to match theme of your order. (Animations cannot be detail-customized, like bar graph numbers, etc.)
Attire choices: $10 covers slide 3 attire. (Please order 2 for slide 4 attire.)

Logos in the background cost $25 extra! 
& choose any COLOR BACKGROUND for $15!

  • NO promotions related to ANY mature/adult content. Such as language, drugs or sexual innuendo: G-rated only! 

*Only free if we make an error w/ your original directions. Additional changes left unspecified in your original order can be completed with an extra fee. 

Order Details

10 days delivery

Basic Order

$5=100 words or less. Please enter word count. ($10 per additional 100 words. Ex: 100-200=$10 extra)

Number of words
This Package includes 100 words. For each additional 100 words, the price is $10.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I send you my product?
    Yes! But please message us first. We also have a separate gig for that to give you more options, like natural settings: https://www.fiverr.com/theadtwins/showcase-your-product-in-a-video-with-twins?funnel=780eec56-01f7-4567-9eb3-9ee93a82a7cf
  • Can you write my script?
    Yes we can! Check out our script-writing gig here: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/d85f932769 But please make sure you receive your finished script before placing an order, or we'll need to extend your delivery time on this gig!
  • Can you perform scripts in languages other than English?
    Scripts must be in English, but if you'd like us to say a few words or small phrase in another language, and audio guide music be provided. We cannot offer free revisions if we get it wrong. Learning another language is very difficult, and not covered in the cost of a Fiverr gig! ;)
  • When do you film my order?
    When each new order is placed, please understand that there are about 70 we have to complete before it. We go in order of when each person purchased a gig, and Fiverr organizes it on a to-do list. Unless you order a rush, yours is at the bottom of the list. (We aren't able to rush it for free)
  • How long does it take to film my gig?
    It depends on how long it is, & how many extras are ordered. But usually we reach each gig on our to-do list about 2 days before it is due. While we do proof orders briefly as they come in, we do want to make sure buyers follow all the guidelines so we don't reach it for filming & have questions!
  • What sort of items can you NOT receive to display in the video?
    We can HOLD anything within our guidelines, but we cannot eat or consume anything, put something on our lips or teeth, in our eyes, etc... If you're sending company clothing, please ensure they are NEW and not dirty, or we may not be able to use them. No return on items!