I will turn you into a vampire using Photoshop

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bcunning12 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bcunning12 7 months ago
Fast, great, communicative service!
Reviewed by wrestlinggoats about 1 year ago
The seller did an amazing job with my request. I am very happy with the finished product! Thank you so much! Your awesome!
Reviewed by smerdel1972 over 1 year ago
Thank you for the amazing work, I will definitely use you again
Reviewed by ravenloftt over 1 year ago
turn you into a vampire using Photoshop
turn you into a vampire using Photoshop
turn you into a vampire using Photoshop

About This Gig

For only $5 I will use my years of Photoshop experience to turn you into a blood-sucking vampire! Perfect for Halloween presents & profile pictures.


Send me the photo you want me to edit in JPEG format. I can't accept your order until I have the photo you wish me to edit.

In order to help me produce the best results for you, it would be best if:
  • Your photo is head on.
  • Your photo is clear, and in good quality.
  • Your photo is not too dark
  • You SHOW ME YOUR TEETH (I can give you cool vampire fangs if you do.)

Please Note:

I can make it extremely bloody and gory or completely tone it right down, meaning I can tailor it perfectly for your sadistic friend or your eight year old niece. Just let me know and I will fit it to your needs.

Feel free a make any suggestions and requests and I'll do my best for you.

I look forward to working with you =)

Vicky x