I will save you from wedding planning paralysis

save you from wedding planning paralysis

About This Gig

Overwhelmed by the massive deluge of wedding options? Making your perfect wedding happen requires sifting through venues, invitations, favors, dresses, shoes, bridesmaid's dresses, groomsmen's gifts, table decorations... the list never ends! I can short-circuit Wedding Planning Paralysis for you. Using a comprehensive list of style- and personality-related terms plus your custom budget range, I will build a list of the five absolute best options from the following categories: [1. Invitations 2. Venues (anywhere in the US within <25 miles of one location) 3. Bridesmaid's Dresses 4. Guest Favors 5. Attendant Gifts 6. Shoes (bride, attendants) 7. Veil/Hair Accessory (bride) 8. Dress (bride) 9. Local Bakery for Cake 10. Cake Design 11. Centerpieces] Robots can't do this. Wedding planners are expensive. Don't doom yourself to an unending round of second-guessing and helpful suggestions from your future mother-in-law. Get a TinyList and let your heart decide. ***Note that I cannot choose florists, musicians/DJs, or caterers, since these service providers generally have both a tight schedule and a proprietary relationship with venues. I do not represent anyone but myself.***

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