I will write you a paragraph that is outrageously random

write you a paragraph that is outrageously random

About This Gig


A one of a kind paragraph written by me - approx 250-500 words, on a topic of your choice.
+ A cute or funny selfie of me and my overweight dog Jazzi. - will it be beautifully pictured with a lovely scenic backdrop or a hideous mess, double chins and all... youll have to wait and see. Mystery is what keeps the world exciting.

A sentence i hear very often : Tori, i wish i could be in your brain for a day.
 ^This my valid customers.. is what i am giving you the opportunity to do. Its not only a favor for me because im letting my creative juices pour out something completely non-logical and sometimes terribly confusing forms of sentences, but it also gives you the opportunity to read something fun and vibrant. something that you will not have gotten a chance to read ever before. Something that can be stupid, something thats different than your average boring work documents. Something that brings a quirk and a WEIRDNESS to your day, even laughter, whether it be an awkward gasp or a slight chuckle- i am here to bring the weirdness into your life!!

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