I will do a Professional Translation into Spanish

do a Professional Translation into Spanish

About This Gig

As a full member of the American Translators Association, I am entitled to provide translations that are accepted by U.S. Federal and government offices.  In addition to satisfying the Home Office, a translation authenticated by a full ATC member is sufficient for many other purposes in the US and in other countries.  I'd translate your document, $5.00 per page

  • Letter of Authenticity
  • Sworn Translations (some countries)
  • Notarization
  • Spanish-English and/or English/Spanish
  • English-French and/or French into English or Spanish

For certain legal purposes, a Notarized translation is required.  I will  swear in front of a Notary Public that the translation “is a true and faithful translation”.  The Notary will then provide a certificate which is attached to the translation (together with the original language version). There is an additional $5.00 charge for a Notarized Translation. 

I frequently provide all kinds of certification and are delighted to discuss your project with you.  Please note I am not able to give advice on the kind of certification you require, so contact me for a free consultation.

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2 days delivery