I will convert your website into a cool ANDROID app, publish it on Google Play and more

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I am a beginner in this field and I was very grateful for Nace's patient help. He changed my butterfly test app which I want to finish later for school purposes and it came out great. Thanks, Nace, such a skilled job for only 5 Dollars - incredible! Gerald
Reviewed by geraldgrahammer over 1 year ago
Nace was very helpful. A great gig!!
Reviewed by bayridge over 1 year ago
Awesome job!
Reviewed by springbreak365 over 1 year ago
Awesome Fiverr! He went beyond the requirements and delivered awesome content!
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Good! +100000000
Reviewed by perucool over 1 year ago
Awesome Awesome job! Order with confidence UpgradeYourself is the REAL DEAL!!!
Reviewed by springbreak365 over 1 year ago
Another excellent work, Highly Recommended,, Thanks.
Reviewed by newtongirl over 1 year ago
Tudo certo!
Reviewed by georlandio over 1 year ago
Amazing help.
Reviewed by suvine almost 2 years ago
"Incredible! The best app builder and publisher out there!!!" and "the best service on Fiverr!!!"
Reviewed by amina4 about 4 years ago
Great Offer, fantastic Seller
Reviewed by amina4 about 4 years ago
As usual this seller rocks 100% fantastic service
Reviewed by amina4 about 4 years ago
great delivery great job i use it at htpoint
Reviewed by axiom49 about 4 years ago
Thank you, i really appreciate your effort. Cheers.
Reviewed by panarasgr about 4 years ago
nice work ;)
Reviewed by thandes about 4 years ago
Great Job Thank you.
Reviewed by fancysweets about 4 years ago
Great work ,delivered exactly as promised .very professional thanks a lot
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Reviewed by stef_vliet about 4 years ago
convert your website into a cool ANDROID app, publish it on Google Play and more
convert your website into a cool ANDROID app, publish it on Google Play and more
convert your website into a cool ANDROID app, publish it on Google Play and more

About This Gig

***Top Rated Seller***                              ***100% seller rating***

Google Play charges $25 for publishing alone, but with my service you will get: an application + a QR code + publishing on Google Play = for only $5. 

Your website will be converted into an Android application and when I publish it on Google Play the Android users will find it more interesting and will surf it with ease. It will lead to an increase of visitors and traffic, and the website itself will become much cooler.

You will be given
full technical support at all times. The app will look just like your website and will update automatically with new content or changes you make on the website. You will be provided with your own personal QR code. 

The application is published with your chosen app name, 4 screenshots, a custom icon and a description. 

Some websites may not be allowed by G. Play if they violate the content policy, but I have a solution for everything. 

See my other gigs for iPhone apps and advanced Android apps!

For a better promotion of your app/business, please see the extras below. The more extras you order, the better designed the app will be.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you make iOS apps from websites too?
    Yes! Click on my profile and see my other gig for Advanced apps. The Advanced apps gig is there because Apple requires apps to have more native pages and features. The Advanced apps cost slightly more, but they have more features and a rich design. Please just make sure to read the gig description.
  • Can you integrate my AdMob ads?
    Yes! For free! You will just need to send me your AdMob Unit ID and tell me if it is for a banner or an interstitial ad. Just make sure you don't have AdSense on the website because Google does not allow you to have both.
  • What is a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr?
    The Fiverr staff finds the sellers who provide the best work quality and customer service and awards them with a Top Rated Seller badge. We are a hand-picked few and our work is constantly monitored to assure that you as a buyer always get the best quality and service possible.
  • Do you have samples?
    Yes, please check the images above my gig description for samples of apps created for other clients.
  • Are there any monthly fees or similar?
    None whatsoever.
  • After the job is done, and I need help, modification or I have a question can I contact you?
    Absolutely! A part of my job is to be there for my clients even after the job is done, regardless if it was one day or one year ago.
  • I already have a Google Play developer account, can the app be published there?
    Yes! I will provide the apk and screenshots for you, and even make you a simple icon from your website logo and a feature graphic if you don't already have them.
  • My website is not in English. Is that a problem?
    No problem whatsoever. I can make apps in any language.
  • Does the app update automatically with the website?
    Yes! Once the app is created you won't need to update it. Every change you make on the website will be visible in the app as well.