I will make any USA or canada phone number a website address

make any USA or canada phone number a website address

About This Gig

Phone numbers are printed and published in most all advertising media.

Classified ads, Business cards, Signs, Yellow Pages, Vehicle signs, Bill boards, Newspaper ads, Invoices, novelty items, etc.

The Phone is a key tool between the seller and the buyer. The business and the customer. 

I have married the phone number and website address as one.

Magnifying the potential of your phone number when viewed also as a website address, (URL) in your advertising.

Use this URL in your next classified ad, to provide the shoppers your webpage with full color and content for selling.

Your URL will look like this with your unique area code and phone number.

1-_ _ _.com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _

Your URL will auto redirect to any existing webpage address you provide.

Your Business website, YouTube video page, Your Free site page, Your Real-Estate Profile page, Facebook page, Your Blog Page, Your Affiliate URL,

Imagine your classified ad in next weeks paper, when your phone number as a URL goes to your video of your Puppies, or Horse, or Auto, or Motorcycle Video on YouTube !  Or your full color, complete item description webpage.

Your own TV ad. 

Enhance and Benefit From Your Future Advertisements with this Method 

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