I will burn a cigarette with your message on it

Perfect. Thanks!
Reviewed by juliawiddop over 2 years ago
If i were a woman i would have his babies. Great job!
Reviewed by taipau almost 3 years ago
Great work!
Reviewed by ehays70 about 3 years ago
Reviewed by londonsdad over 3 years ago
Quickly done!
Reviewed by apairudin almost 3 years ago
burn a cigarette with your message on it
burn a cigarette with your message on it

About This Gig

I will write your message on a cigarette then light the cigarette and film it while it burns. After that I'll speed up the video and make your message burn away. I can also reverse the video and make the message reappear like on the video above.

  • The message can be anything you want but make sure that it's short to fit on the cigarette.
  • The video will be delivered in 720p .mp4 format. (Full HD if you ordered the extras)

The 5 days time is put there just in case we have weather problems. We usually deliver much faster :)