I will test your website from Zero to Infinite

test your website from Zero to Infinite

About This Gig

User experience of your website has a great impact on whether he’ll be back for more, or leave immediately. It takes seconds to lose potential costumers and hence lose sales. I’m here to help you build The best experience for your users, so that your product will be memorable and make The users want to stay in, to read your articles or buy your product.

I can help verify your website or android application software and thus achieve any problems this may have. I can verify as much as a regular user as an advanced user.

  • I will review all aspects that you want to be reviewed. 

User perspective:
  • I will tell you my first impressions of your site or application.
  • I will tell you my impresions using it for a period of time.
  • I will list the best 7 things and worst 7 things of your WebSite/App
  • I will list my recomendations to you.

Advance User Perspective:

  • I will do an Extensive error test on your website/* looking for anything that goes beyond normal.

Contact me if you are interested on my work and to discuss the price.

  • I can only test websites that are in English or Spanish.
  • We can only test Android Apps not iOS currently.

Order Details

2 days delivery