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About This Gig

Do you need a track to your lyrics, lyrics to your track, loop, riff, lick or an entire demo?

 Whether it's for your band or your girlfriend, for your mother or the record label, I'm here to help you out.

I write material mostly on acoustic guitar, because  the sound is clean and raw. You can rearrange and reshape  it into anything you want.

Services :

  • Licks & riffs
  • lyrics
  • tabs (to know what's going on)

List will be updated upon completion of projects and adjusted to your needs.

How it works.
  1. Send me criteria
  2. Recieve sample with price calculation
  3. Recieve full product

Send me following information:

- Purpose: "My band needs a short guitar loop for a new song. We also need tabs."
- Emotion: joy, anger, sadness
- Genre: poppish rock/cheesy metal.
- Lenght tempo & format
- Additional info: links, other examples


"I want to write a song for my wife and I need a riff to play along with the lyrics. 
Has to be a touching smooth balad.About 110 bpm and 2min long, with tabs."


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