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quickly promote your cool nerdy thing

About This Gig

Hello!  I spend my life telling geeks about amazing things. As part of that, I run the world's largest ticketed Steampunk event, The Steampunk World's Fair, which attracts geeks from all over the world.  We have just under 9,000 highly-targeted, Steampunk-loving followers on Twitter at The Steampunk World's Fair's twitter, and over 105,000 on our Facebook page.  We're always looking for awesome Steampunk, scifi, or geeky projects - kickstarters, art, Etsy stores, events, shows, or what-have-you.  I'll tweet your awesome Steampunk, or generally geeky thing, for one gig.  I'll make it as catchy and as helpful as I can.   Depending on the item involved, I am sometimes able to add some quite significant Facebook promotion.  (Basically, I need to be talking about something awesome which would appeal to a Steampunk audience; Steampunks tend to love, not just all things Steampunk, but interesting geeky and science fiction things.)

Our tweets get engagement and people see them; they're a good way to get a quick shot in the arm to whatever you'd like to promote!