I will make a weekly workout or diet just for you

make a weekly workout or diet just for you

About This Gig

It's a New Year everybody! Don't let this be another year where you fail at your New Years resolutions. I can give you the tools to accomplish any of your fitness related goals - including workout programs and dieting programs hand tailored to reach your specific goals. Perhaps you want to regain confidence by losing some extra weight around your mid section? Or maybe you want to work on your speed, agility, and endurance? I can even provide diet plans and workout programs to get you ahead of the game in any sport you may be participating in. I can gaurentee that with your dedication, and my knowledge, we can get you in the physical shape you deserve be in!

I ask to give me three days to formulate a good weekly workout plan and diet plan. Most likely, I will be able to deliver much quicker than this! I ask for three days in case your specific goals are something that is outside of my general knowledge and deserves research for a proper answer or guide.

Please dictate when contacting me whether you are interested in either a diet plan, or a workout plan. The gig can be purchased twice in order to obtain one of each!

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3 days delivery