I will create or troubleshot some simple WinForms application

create or troubleshot some simple WinForms application

About This Gig

I am a hobbist, self-taught c# programer without any proper knowledge about programming therefore I am not able to become a freelancer and I do not want to cause trouble to opensource projects. My code could be low quality but I think it works (at least once it did... as far as I know). Anyway I will record through all my coding and upload it for you if you dare to watch it so I think there might come some 'lulz' as value added here. If you need this for something "serious" I guess you should pass and this offer is not suitable for you. Anyway I wanted to see if I can handle to do any coding for money. I am not sure how this site works but if you won't like the result I think you should get a refund. I won't cover time lost though, be sure to send me a message first. Also I could tweak or troubleshot your existing application or at least give it a try.

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14 days delivery