I will interview you on my radio station

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interview you on my radio station
interview you on my radio station
Reviewed by piercelilholt 11 days ago
My goal was to have a professionally recorded interview for use for my media portfolio. This gig exceeded my expectations. Excellent interview and wonderful host! I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Reviewed by mrsoverton 25 days ago
Great interview my artist says it was a good experience!
Reviewed by hiphoppush 26 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by courtneyasunmaa 24 days ago
I wanted to get more blogtalkradio exposure for my book and YaYa did a great job interviewing me about the book!
Reviewed by otisgsanders 25 days ago
Reviewed by markribeiro 26 days ago
I was blown away by the professionalism and good vibes of Yaya's interview. Next to this, I enjoyed every minute of it. Wow. Thank you, Yaya!!
Reviewed by myaumakua 28 days ago
Thank you so much. This was my first radio interview and Yaya was awesome!
Reviewed by kingofmixpeo 29 days ago
Thank you
Reviewed by howardakapink about 1 month ago
Thank you!
Reviewed by aazrieli about 1 month ago
Thank you again Great Job!
Reviewed by bigdreams45 about 1 month ago
Wonderful interview,
Reviewed by screamxo about 1 month ago
Excellent work, very happy with this.. Thank you
Reviewed by urbandubz about 1 month ago
Great experience...THANKS!
Reviewed by vetpreneur about 1 month ago
Reviewed by sharifahhardie about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jayharez about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ernestowens 3 months ago
The seller and myself have a great rapport
Reviewed by sdkaycee 3 months ago
I had an amazing time and really enjoyed the other guest as well. I am NOW a repeat customer.
Reviewed by apollobutler 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by thegreatassimil 3 months ago
interview you on my radio station
interview you on my radio station

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  You will receive up to 15 minutes for your interview as well as a permanent link on our page. You will receive up to 15 minutes for your interview, Permanent link on our page, and a mp3 copy. Up to 25 minutes for your interview, permanent link, copy, ad/song played during interview, and copy
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About This Gig

I will interview you on my radio station for up to 15 minutes. Your interview will go up on Dream Chasers radio station site and remain on the site. If you would like more time, a copy of the show, isolated copy of your interview, youtube, or more exposure please consider my extras. Please note we DO NOT offer questions due to the variation of our clients, but we do encourage you to submit questions to us if that will help you feel more comfortable with the process. Our host has been interviewing for 7 years and is great on the fly if that is the way you want to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you read my introduction before my interview?
    We would love to read your introduction. Please make sure to order that gig extra and we will get it to the host as soon as possible.
  • Will I receive a copy of my interview?
    We would love to send you a copy of the interview. Please note if you don't order your copy as an isolated copy you will receive the entire show.
  • Will you send me questions?
    We don't send out questions for our interviews so please make sure to send us a bio and any other information our host can use to better interview you. If you would like to send us questions, we welcome it.
  • Where can I listen to your show?
  • When do you air your show and is there a call in number?
    We usually air Sunday, Monday, or Thursday 9-11pm EST, and yes this will be a phone interview. (USA call in number) Skype is not available, and we do not call you/your client.
  • What is your station called, and can I listen to previous interviews?
    We are Dream Chasers Radio, a division of Yaya Diamond LLC, and our link online is www.Blogtalkradio.com/DreamChasersRadio.
  • What is your reach, and area of reach?
    This is a very hard question to answer as we are on a few different stations at any given time. I will have to say we have reached over 101 Million new listeners over the past 7 years. Our monthly listening base can range from 25,000 to 3.5 million listeners based on our advertisements.