I will fix server related, cPanel WHM related issues

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fix server related, cPanel  WHM related issues

About This Gig

 am working cPanel/Linux server since last 9+ years as level3 technical admin. I will fix any server related, domain or cPanel related issue on your Linux cPanel server. 

Install, Upgrade cPanel
cron related issues
Install and configure CSF
Upgrade Apache, PHP
Migrate accounts
Restore, Configure cPanel backups
Install additional Apache, php modules
Resolve any Apache, MySQL, php warning, error or any other technical issues.
Hacking, Spamming issues

I will fix everything in cPanel related issue.

Some of below:

  1.     cPanel-WHM hacking
  2.     cPanel-WHM Spamming
  3.     Server Overloading
  4.     Server and site Migration issue
  5.     Server reload
  6.     cPanel-WHM installation and security configuration
  7.     EasyApache compile issue
  8.     cPanel up gradation issue
  9.     DNS related issue
  10.     FTP Issue, firewall issues
  11.     MySQL related issue
  12.     Apache issues
  13.     PHP configuration issues
  14.     Exim and Mail issues
  15.     Permission issue
  16.     Internal Server Error
  17.     Quota issue
  18.     PHP handler issue

And much more...

NOTE: I need server root access at my end to resolve your issue.

For Priority Support, please check extra Gig.

and many more....

I will provide you the necessary steps to avoid issues in future.