I will make you a FluffBall bunny plushie

Even better than what I expected. 10/10 would purchase from again.
Reviewed by shadyvox almost 4 years ago
SQUEEEEEEE! LUVS! I cannot await for him to arrive. He will be named "Tannin". I LOVE the tail! I shared your link on my Facebook page. You need to market these things to toy stores. Such talent! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Reviewed by grafxmkr almost 4 years ago
Awesome Seller! Great communication and skills. I presented her with a challenge to make a bug ball and she succeeded! I waited until I received it to rate the work - amazing! I love it, may order again in the future. THANK YOU! :)
Reviewed by pajene almost 4 years ago
I love my bunny, it keeps me company in my car
Reviewed by njsmom1 almost 4 years ago
Pink one was brilliant!
Reviewed by aeroshark almost 4 years ago
Love it!
Reviewed by aeroshark almost 4 years ago
Wonderful! :) I love my kitty fluffball, thankyou so much! So lovely and cute, can't wait to show it off :)
Reviewed by emcat611 about 4 years ago
Seriously. She is just the best and will communicate with you every step of the way to be sure that you get exactly what you wanted. She's super friendly and I would buy from her again in a heartbeat.
Reviewed by imjustalex about 4 years ago
Looks great
Reviewed by akstin about 4 years ago
I love it :D
Reviewed by rockdaroad0 about 4 years ago
yeah! exactly how I wanted it.
Reviewed by elad about 4 years ago
make you a FluffBall bunny plushie
make you a FluffBall bunny plushie
make you a FluffBall bunny plushie

About This Gig

No sewing-machine here! Completely handmade, personalised little FluffBalls (or 'Fluffs' for short) who want a new home! Every Fluff is hand-crafted by myself, very strong, made with love and as cute as a button! In a HUGE variety of colours and choices. The only fur in my stock is standard 'fluffy&long' fur fabric. Variables include: primary fur colour, belly colour and inner ear colours. Why not mix and match? These cute little critters would make the PERFECT gift! Sorry about the postage on these, guys! It's really gone up since the last time I sent anything off. Out of all my current gigs, these Fluffs are the biggest things I send off. They fit in the palm of your hand but they're still too big to fit through most letterboxes unless forced. :c The EST. is long purely because I have to manage making these around my current job. It does NOT include the postage and estimated arrival times as they simply vary too much. I apologize in advance for that! *REGARDING TRACKING NUMBERS: I CANNOT provide tracking numbers internationally as it costs a WHOPPING 7.50 ($12) when combined with postage too! D:

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