I will write about you or your day in a fun or bizarre way

write about you or your day in a fun or bizarre way

About This Gig

I put my own spin on you, your topic, or even your day, to make something that's funny, strange, or downright bizarre.

After you provide a little info, I "run with it" in a direction of your choosing, if you have a preference. If you want an uplifting version of your day, or are in the mood for something to spook yourself, I will use everything I know to make something to fit the mood, and provide you with 5 dollars worth of entertainment. (Hopefully.)

I can even help if you're not entirely sure what it is you want me to write about. I'm here to entertain in one of the few ways I know how, and have fun while doing so.

I look forward to writing for you.

  • Will likely be between 200-400 words. No extra charge if I get inspired by the idea and take it a bit further.
  • This is for amusement. Your money is for my time, and sincere efforts to amuse. 
  • Everything will be original, and for the buyer only. What you choose to do with it after that, is your choice and right.
  • I will keep a copy for my personal records, and to ensure that, where possible, not a single element of another's story is copied.

Order Details

4 days delivery