I will write a poem for significant others, etc

write a poem for significant others, etc

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A couple samples: The Moon Is My Love- I love her and I long for the night When I can gaze upon her beauty Artemis in her full glory The moon s bright light Casting her love upon me Face radiant and joyful The stars are her jewels How I hate when her brother comes along And chases her away Or when Boreas blows clouds to hide her face She s so far away And yet I sometimes feel like I can touch her Bring her down to Earth Hold her in my arms Dark eyes staring at each other Before planting a silver kiss And making me immortal Taking me back to her celestial home Where we can dance eternally among galaxies And rest on lonely planets Far away from this one Nothingness- Nothingness pervades Everything Yet exists where matter, emotion, and thought exists not It is complete stillness, the silence that sustains the noise of life -What perfect sentence Can enlighten me fully? I don t think there s any -Truth is veiled when mind Obscures it, the truth that is Right in front of you

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