I will do python programming for Raspberry Pi

do python programming for Raspberry Pi
do python programming for Raspberry Pi
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About This Gig

I am a Professional Embedded Developer on Raspberry Pi using Python, C/C++ and shell scripting. 

My Areas of Expertise:

1. Real time server and embedded applications with IoT support (Multi-threading, socket and serial interfaces.)
2. Communication with Google applications (Sheets, Drive and Maps) using API's with python.
3. Pro grammatically access and communicate with on board peripherals and modules such as GPIO, Ethernet and Camera etc
4. Graphical Programming using Tkinter library of Python
5. Raspberry Pi as an IoT device (Control devices connected to Raspberry Pi remotely over cloud using Public API's or socket programming)
6. Remote access of Raspberry Pi over a wireless network  (LAN, WAN) using SSH (secure shell) or Web Server running on Raspberry Pi.
7. Sensor Interfacing on Raspberry Pi with logging and notifications on Email and SMS at real time.
8. Video surveillance and Image capturing using PiCamera module and transmission over Internet 

Kindly contact me first before ordering, so we can discuss the cost, time and details of the project. Feel free to discuss if you have special requirements because when it comes to embedded development I have everything all covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much a certain project is gonna cost us
    It depends on project requirements, deliverable's and timeline.