About This Gig

THE ORIGINAL PERFECTIONIST! The others are knockoffs of me. A good way to spot quality instantly is to check gig ads for errors. You will see none in mine. I have a scientifically superior mind. The tiniest errors jump out at me like a great white shark out of a living room aquarium. I will proofread up to 1000 words of any text. I don't rewrite or spin content. I will correct awkward sentence construction, grammar, spelling, punctuation, excessively repetitious wording. I'm a published author who self-edited my work. No horror, no porn, no graphic sexual content, no exceptions. There are plenty of other proofreader prostitutes to do that for you. I am a serious (mostly), down-to-business professional. **This is NOT a writing gig, but a proofreading gig, and the BEST one you'll find anywhere! I compete with no one. I often have to pause my gig due to workload, but don't give up. I try hard to get everybody in.